We live in a real world. Facing the reality of our world and our relationship to it can be a painful process.

In the short term, you can ‘put up a wall’ and wear a ‘brave face’, indeed there are times in our life when this is necessary to help us beat resistance and the uncertainty of new challenges. In the long term however, living in day to day battle with yourself burns up a lot of personal energy and sooner or later this avoidance can lead to a crisis.

Everyone at least once in their life needs a safe and supportive space to face their challenges.

At these times, you need the help of a success coach or counsellor to help you process the more painful aspects of life you have been trying your best to ignore. In a safe space of confidentiality, compassion and empathy you can be supported to discover the changes required to free yourself from the shackles of pain and confusion.

When you take action and seek help to overcome life’s obstacles you can find immediate respite, and in time, a new way of living and a new and different world.

What were once perceived as relationship problems can soon become opportunities. What were once unwanted and destructive thoughts can become helpful insights; feelings that were once abandoned become a new expression of yourself. When we are able to experience ourselves more fully we are able to more clearly see the reality of our world and avoid the cycle of avoidance and pain.

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Negotiating the challenges along this journey to a new way of living require the use of judgement to make wise decisions and the confidence to take the correct action.

As your success coach and counsellor I am here to listen, seek to understand and to offer guidance so you can discover your own course of action and experience your Self more fully and get back to leading the life you enjoy.

Guy’s sessions have given me confidence to talk to people again – something I never thought I would be able to do. This in turn has helped with my overall acceptance of this issue which we all have to face at some point.

…We aren’t always perfect. Guy taught me to acknowledge this and not to fight it, but take a deep breath in and start again. This is the main takeaway in my opinion.

I strongly recommend having a chat with Guy about getting started.  – Ashley

About Guy

Launched in 2016 on the Gold Coast, Headworks Therapeutic Coaching started helping those who wanted to create and maintain healthy intimate relationships.
As a Success Coach, Counsellor, Educator and Author, Guy has been working with clients from around the world to help them remove obstacles and lead more productive, joyful and fulfilling lives.

Guy is driven to promote a healthy community for his family and his clients. Guy’s calling to assist others has led him to work with hundreds of families to promote the inclusion of disadvantaged and vulnerable young people in our community. Since 2011 he has worked on community engagement projects various community organisations.

Are you in crisis? Are you stuck in a dilemma or negative pattern of thinking and living?

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