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We live in a real world. Facing the reality of our world and our relationship to it can be a painful process.

In the short term, you can ‘put up a wall’ and wear a ‘brave face’, indeed there are times in our life when this is necessary to help us beat resistance and the uncertainty of new challenges. In the long term however, living in day to day battle with yourself burns up a lot of personal energy and sooner or later this avoidance can lead to a crisis.

Everyone at least once in their life needs a safe and supportive space to face their challenges.

The most common question I get is “Why can’t I give my partner the long-lasting sex I desire?”

For some men it’s the only way they know to show intimacy and love. A man robbed of the ability to have long-lasting sex will not be able to express himself fully to someone he loves or is attracted to. Premature ejaculation robs him of his need to give and receive love through sexual intercourse.

But what is stopping men from enjoying the long-lasting sexual intimacy they deserve? Why does the failure of premature ejaculation plague not only our sex life but also our daily thoughts…? Why is it happening to me?

While it may be interesting to look into the different scientific theories as to why men suffer PE, they are all speculative. To state the obvious, everyone’s situation, health and lifestyle are vastly different and with such a range of male subjects, there is no perfect science to finding the definitive cause.

Why can’t I just get my short sexual performance to align with my desire to last longer? It’s not that I want to suffer premature ejaculation.

Why do I feel like no matter how hard I try to avoid premature ejaculation, I still have no control over my ejaculatory orgasm?

Here’s the good news:

There is nothing wrong with you or your penis. The ‘problem’ is not inside you, your genetics or ‘how the male species is designed to reproduce’. Men have all the orgasm control we need and we have the capacity to have intimate sex for as long as we desire – in fact longer than you even thought possible.

The problem is in our connection between our negative thoughts and our autonomous responses within the physical body. 

Most people know they want to last a lot longer during sex but then let thoughts of failure take over. It’s like driving the car and applying the handbrake at the same time.

If we can change our thought patterns for at 30 days we can literally override the negative automatic response of premature ejaculation.

By harnessing the power of neuroplasticity and simple neuro-linguistic programming techniques you can control when you want to orgasm. The results can feel miraculous.


  • Transforming your insecure sexual confidence into one that is forever fearless, poised, self-assured plus is proven by your ability to sustain at sex every time (without having to resort to expensive and unromantic quick fixes such as medication or numbing creams).


  • Transforming yourself as a man who can attract and keep sexual partners in his life by living a deeply fulfilling life filled with positive belief patterns, proactive daily habits like simple meditation and beginner’s yoga and healthy diet which all lead to deeper and more intimate sexual connections.


  • Knowing exactly how to keep your new ability to control ejaculatory orgasm (without slipping back into old negative habits) and continue to discover your masculine sense of self and create relationships that last.


But the question is, HOW do you change your thoughts of fear and a physical response (PE) that has caused so much lasting pain?
First of all, you commit to accepting what part of your situation is out of your control and commit to action that improves your emotional, physical, mental and spiritual health.

Second, you have to take action. Change can be hard, re-training your brain and physical body can be tiring at first (until the body adapts). Which is why it’s important to start off small and have a coach to get you started and will keep you accountable when the going gets tough (which it will).

Third, you have to be courageous and maintain your ability to have multi-orgasmic, long lasting sex. Commitment to the maintenance phase of change requires a clear vision of where you want to stay, the patience to prioritise your needs and lastly, humility (to accept you are still a human organism and not a robot!)

I coach men in learning these simple techniques and transforming their sex lives for good.

As a success coach I know that change requires a commitment to take action and maintain new behaviours and thoughts.  I also know how amazing the results are; your new revitalised sex life.

When my clients work with me they know I will be supporting them closely to follow a new daily practice of holistic techniques to promote mental, emotional, physical mastery which all combine to give you ultimate control over your ejaculatory orgasm, preventing the shame of premature ejaculation.

The daily practice promotes three core habits required for change;

  1. Be present
  2. Open up
  3. Do what matters

Quick-fixes such as numbing creams and medications only seek to waste time and money, in fact they promote the opposite of accepting the situation and committing to change.

My past clients have proven how improving their psychological flexibility is the key to permanently curing premature ejaculation.

This service is not for everyone.

This is why.

Some men suffer PE and are still contemplating many other ways around their PE problem. Maybe they are still reaching out to expensive quick-fixes or still believe the premature ejaculation will ‘go away’ on its own one day.  Perhaps they think their current partner is the cause. These men are still in denial. They are not ready to take full responsibility for using their own power to cure PE and will not benefit from working with me.

I can only coach men who are ready to accept complete responsibility for their current situation. I’ll be there to facilitate change, but this permanent solution to PE relies on the client being clear on knowing what matters and being totally committed to taking action prescribed by me.  

These are the clients who are rewarded with a healthy confidence and a successful, sustainable sex life for years to come.

Interested in talking more about how I can help you or your relationship change for good?


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As your success coach and counsellor I am here to listen, seek to understand and to offer guidance so you can discover your own course of action and experience your Self more fully and get back to leading the life you enjoy.

Guy’s sessions have given me confidence to talk to people again – something I never thought I would be able to do. This in turn has helped with my overall acceptance of this issue which we all have to face at some point.

…We aren’t always perfect. Guy taught me to acknowledge this and not to fight it, but take a deep breath in and start again. This is the main takeaway in my opinion.

I strongly recommend having a chat with Guy about getting started. 

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