This topic will be about creating sustainable relationships.

Cure Premature Ejaculation

Find You. Survive the Little Death

It is a shock to many that life is supposed to be joyful, loving and peaceful. People can’t fathom the feeling of being at ease. Do you ever experience a sense of inferiority, shame, embarrassment or just not being ‘enough’? These emotions arise from unhelpful thoughts from our inner-critic. It shames you for not living up…

Relationship help

Be Courageous; Get Used to Change

Everyone saw it coming but them. Sometimes relationships spiral down publicly but the couple hang on despite the obvious; they were both full of resentment and fear. The relationship started off great but eventually it became a far cry from a fulfilling, vibrant and healthy life. Sometimes it can be difficult to find the right…

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How To Channel Your Sex-Drive in Non-Sexual Ways

After finding myself divorced due my inability to harness my ‘libido’ (sex drive) I knew I had learn to channel this powerful force or face a repeat of this relationship disaster. Thus far, my overactive and impulsive libido had led to chronic premature ejaculation, this inability to truly satisfy my desire for sexual intimacy made…