This topic will be about creating sustainable relationships.

Relationship help

Be Courageous; Get Used to Change

Everyone saw it coming but them. Sometimes relationships spiral down publicly but the couple hang on despite the obvious; they were both full of resentment and fear. The relationship started off great but eventually it became a far cry from a fulfilling, vibrant and healthy life. Sometimes it can be difficult to find the right…

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How To Channel Your Sex-Drive in Non-Sexual Ways

After finding myself divorced due my inability to harness my ‘libido’ (sex drive) I knew I had learn to channel this powerful force or face a repeat of this relationship disaster. Thus far, my overactive and impulsive libido had led to chronic premature ejaculation, this inability to truly satisfy my desire for sexual intimacy made…

Natural Cure For Premature Ejaculation

Back to Basics #3 Take Responsibility

If you master this, you grow in self-esteem and add value to your relationship with the world. Sounds profound, but everything in life comes back to the individual – you. So with YOU it must start. If you don’t master this you lose.  You will have decided to give all your power away to everything…