Follow one man’s journey as he overcomes the humiliation and shame of chronic premature ejaculation—and discovers important lessons about manhood, and himself, along the way.

The Powerful 30 Day Premature Ejaculation Cure

For author Guy Fitter, like a large percentage of the male population, premature ejaculation (PE) was always a secret shame. In his journey to overcome the fear and isolation of PE, he discovered emotional and spiritual truths, as well as the true meaning of manhood.

In his candid account of discovering the cure for chronic PE, Fitter shares the physical breakthroughs he discovered along the way to gain control over what has been considered to be an automatic response to sexual arousal.






Utilising the proven power of mindfulness, and harnessing the brain’s ability to form new neural connections, Fitter outlines a quick 30-Day Daily Practice for those hoping to develop a healthy confidence and a successful, sustainable sex life for years to come.

What readers have said about Going The Distance and the 30-Day Daily Practice

“This book is, in my opinion, the single most life-changing, heart-awakening work of the current century.” (BH.)

“Just wanted to say thank you. After just one week I can control my breathing during sex and kind of control when I am going to finish. It was a crazy experience and I feel like I have made a major breakthrough!” (Anon.)

Thanks for the great book… I see improvements already. I’m now starting yoga too.” (Anon.)


Going The Distance Book Backcover by Guy Fitter



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